JWACS 2006

The Joint Western Arctic Climate Study 2006 was a continuation of multinational, multidisciplinary arctic climate impact study that involves ships and personnel from three nations, Canada, Japan and United States.

During the 2006 program the primary research platforms included the Japanese ship  R/V Mirai as well as CCGS Louis S. St Laurent and CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier from Canada. 

R/V Mirai continued her biennial research cruises to the Arctic, conjunction with annual research in intervening year conducted by JAMSTEC researchers onboard vessels Canada, and United States.  The 2006 program will lead into intensive coordinated research in support of International Polar Year commencing in 2007.

Martech Polar continued its association with Global Ocean Development Incorporated providing Ice Navigator Paul Cordeiro to conduct Ice Pilotage services onboard R/V Mirai during her operations in the Bering Sea, Chukchi Sea, Eastern Siberian Sea and Beaufort Sea over the six week operational period in September and October 2006.

Ice pilotage, research
Project Date: 
Fall, 2006
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