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RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #8 - The Known Unknowns

I never thought I would find the situation where I would want to paraphrase one of the most famous abusers of the English language, but the words of one of America’s finest artists of baffle came to mind the other night. Though we have progressed tremendously in knowledge of the Polar Regions at the beginning of this century, the Arctic in particular remains in many ways an enigma. We are in a world of Known Unknowns. There be dragons here.

RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #6 - Arctic Science Continues

We are just past the mid point in RV Mirai’s 2104 Arctic research voyage.  As of noon today 127 standard radiosondes have been launched since we departed Dutch Harbor on the 30th of August.  Seven of those also carried ozone sensors and another seven dedicated ozone sensor balloons.

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