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RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #6 - Arctic Science Continues

We are just past the mid point in RV Mirai’s 2104 Arctic research voyage.  As of noon today 127 standard radiosondes have been launched since we departed Dutch Harbor on the 30th of August.  Seven of those also carried ozone sensors and another seven dedicated ozone sensor balloons.

RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #5 - Weather Station Mirai

        In my first blog from RV Mirai during the 2014 voyage I wrote of the primary mission: the coordinated collection of meteorological observations from an international fleet of Arctic research ships and a number of Arctic shore observation stations.  We are now well into the coordinated observation period and have been at “Weather Station Mirai” at 74º45’N 162º00’W, about 225 nautical miles northwest of Point Barrow.  I find it interesting that my Coast Guard career began in 1979 as a deckhand onboard CCGS Vancouver, one of t

RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #3 - Is Anyone Out There?

        In this modern world of instant communications, cloud computing and Google answers to any question within a second, we find ourselves almost lost when part of the network fails us. We take for granted the ability to connect, to converse, to problem solve, to be aware of what is happening around the globe until we lose even the smallest piece of connectivity. In so many ways we are spoiled. And so it is onboard RV Mirai in the Chukchi Sea.

RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #2 - An Accidental Medevac?

We had only just begun our research in the Bering Strait and into the Chukchi Sea Wednesday when word came up from the Chief Scientist that one of the researchers was suffering severe lower back pain.  After consultations it was decided that we should divert from our research program and transit immediately towards Point Barrow to discharge the patient ashore to obtain medical attention.  Though not an emergency it was important for the patient to get more advanced medical attention as soon as practicable.  Arriv

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