Ice Pilotage and Navigation

We provide onboard polar shipping and ice navigation advice as well as polar research, expedition logistics support and consulting services.

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Efficient and Safe
Progress in Polar Shipping

Captain Snider brings the full benefit of his extensive experience in polar shipping and as a highly qualified ice navigator to manage the human, technical, environmental and operational challenges of the polar regions.

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Whether you require a feasibility study, ice navigation advice or onboard ice pilotage, Martech Polar would like to hear from you.

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Ensuring progress in polar shipping

The Polar Regions remain the most remote and challenging areas on the globe, subject to climate extremes and at the furthest limit of logistic support. Martech Polar pools together decades of polar shipping experience from highly qualified and experienced mariners. This allows us to ensure continual progress in all aspects of polar shipping and vessel operations.

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Human Factors

Martech Polar provides the extensive experience and specialized skills required to safely and efficiently operate in challenging, ice-infested polar waters.

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Technical Challenges

Extreme cold stresses vessels and equipment. Martech Polar can provide premier advice on vessel and equipment suitability for maritime polar environments.

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Polar Environment

Martech Polar’s experience and familiarity in challenging Polar Regions provides clients with the best way forward in ensuring safe and efficient operations.

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Martech Polar's expertise can reduce costs and improve safety

As Arctic sea ice and Antarctic continental ice diminishes, the season for accessing these environments lengthens. However, the Polar Regions continue to pose unique challenges and require specialized expertise to mitigate danger and maximize efficiency.

  • Onboard ice pilotage
  • Polar shipping consultation
  • Logistics support
  • Polar research
  • Expedition support

Martech Polar provides global ice navigation services and polar shipping consultation that is backed by decades of experience in challenging Polar Regions.
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