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Martech Polar provides global ice navigation services and polar shipping consultation that is backed by decades of experience in challenging Polar Regions. Our familiarity in challenging Polar Regions provides clients with the best way forward in ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Alaska Maritime Agencies

Arctia Shipping

Canarctic Shipping Company Ltd

Cookson Adventures

Cirrus Research Associates

Crossing The Line Films

Enfotec Technical Services


Furness Withy (Chartering) ltd

Greenwich Marine Services

Global Ocean Development Inc.

Greenwood Maritime Solutions Ltd

Holland America Seabourn

IBC Asia

IBC Lloyds Maritime Academy


Marine Exchange Alaska

Mistui O.S.K. Lines, LNG Carrier Division

Nippon Marine Enterprises Ltd

QMS Maritime Training Ltd

Schuyler Line Navigation Company

Shell International Shipping and Tanker Company

Star Center

Tactical Marine Solutions Ltd

Teekay Canadian Tankers Ltd

Teekay Shipping (Australia) Pty

Teekay Shipping (Canada) Ltd

Transport Canada

United States Coast Guard

Windstar Cruises  

Wright Maritime Group llc

Polar Ship Operations

A Practical  Guide

Captain Snider brings the full benefit of his extensive experience in polar shipping and as a highly qualified ice navigator to describe the human, technical, environmental and operational challenges of transiting polar seas. This new edition has been updated to take account of IMO’s Polar Code, which came into force in 2017

Captain Snider, Principal Consultant

Captain David (Duke) Snider, MM, BMS, FNI, FRGS

Captain Snider is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Martech Polar Consulting, Ltd. He is a Master Mariner and with 40 years at sea, operating vessels in a variety of ice regimes in the Arctic, Antarctic, Baltic, Great Lakes and Eastern North American waters.  He also has extensive tenure onboard coastal and offshore research vessels as Chief Officer and Master.  He retired from Canadian Coast Guard service as Regional Director Fleet Western Region in 2012.

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