Ice Navigation RV Mirai - Arctic Deployment 2013 - #2

Since departure the ship has been cruising steadily north at 12kts.  Weather has been typical overcast, winds N/NW 15 to 20 kts until late on the 29th when winds and seas began to moderate.  That makes it better for the science crews to set up for the busy weeks ahead.  

It is almost an entirely new group of researchers onboard since Dutch Harbor, the team focused on North Pacific giving way to those focused on the Arctic.  Many of the science technicians and the ship’s crew remain however, but the new research team has been uncrating and setting up their particular equipment and lab spaces.  They have until the morning of 31 August (tomorrow) when the first Arctic station in the Bering Strait will be conducted.  Then their research begins in earnest.

Ice Navigation RV Mirai Arctic Deployment 2013 #1

Though I am starting this log the day RV Mirai departed Dutch Harbor, Alaska for a 6 week science mission in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, it really began the day I left my home port of Victoria on the 22nd.  Not a problem flying from Victoria to Anchorage.  I stopped for two nights there to meet with the Alaska Maritime Service General Manager Tom Reuter, Nils Andreasson from the Institute of the North and an old USCG friend Barkley Lloyd who is now in the oil spill response business.


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