As a leader in global ice pilotage and navigation services, Captain Snider regularly contributes to industry publications and reports. Captain Snider was the lead author of the Ice Navigator Standards, which was developed for Transport Canada and submitted to the IMO for inclusion in the Polar Code. He also assisted in writing an Arctic Passage Planning guideline that is now incorporated in the Canadian Coast Guard publication, Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters. 

Captain Snider’s latest book, Polar Ship Operations — A Practical Guide, brings the full benefit of his experience in polar shipping and as a highly-qualified ice navigator to describe the human, technical, environmental and operational challenges of the Polar Regions. This is a hard, unforgiving environment which requires diligence and deliberation in the planning and execution of voyages, as set out in this book.

You can purchase Polar Ship Operations — A Practical Guide through The Nautical Institute.

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