Maritime Energy Transport: Shore-side Lessons

Maritime Energy Transport: Shore-side Lessons

Date:  April 2015

PDF Document:  BCSN-Apr-2015-Snider

Publication:  BC Shipping News

In advance of The Nautical Institute British Columbia Branch May 2015 conference on Maritime Energy Transport, Captain Duke Snider, Senior Vice President of The Nautical Institute, discusses how the interface between ship and shore is often forgotten when thinking of transporting energy at sea.  

Captain Snider, Principal Consultant

Captain David (Duke) Snider, MM, BMS, FNI, FRGS

Captain Snider is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Martech Polar Consulting, Ltd. He is a Master Mariner and with 40 years at sea, operating vessels in a variety of ice regimes in the Arctic, Antarctic, Baltic, Great Lakes and Eastern North American waters.  He also has extensive tenure onboard coastal and offshore research vessels as Chief Officer and Master.  He retired from Canadian Coast Guard service as Regional Director Fleet Western Region in 2012.

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