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RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #10 - The Polar Code - Better Sense Prevails at IMO?

While wearing one of my other hats, as Senior Vice President of The Nautical Institute and member of The Institute’s NGO delegation to IMO, I am very much focused on the Polar Code as it progresses through it’s latest re-incarnation. As soon as I disembark RV Mirai in Yokohama, I fly to London to participate in the IMO MEPC discussions related to the Polar Code. My involvement goes back many years however, to the mid 1990’s when I was part of the team the developed the first proposal for Ice Navigator requirements for inclusion in the first attempt at a Polar Code.

RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #6 - Arctic Science Continues

We are just past the mid point in RV Mirai’s 2104 Arctic research voyage.  As of noon today 127 standard radiosondes have been launched since we departed Dutch Harbor on the 30th of August.  Seven of those also carried ozone sensors and another seven dedicated ozone sensor balloons.

RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #4 - Ignore the ice at your own peril

        Though RV Mirai is presently working an ice-free area of the Chukchi Sea, an area selected for just that reason, it is readily apparent that all around us ice continues to be a challenge to Arctic shipping. 

RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #2 - An Accidental Medevac?

We had only just begun our research in the Bering Strait and into the Chukchi Sea Wednesday when word came up from the Chief Scientist that one of the researchers was suffering severe lower back pain.  After consultations it was decided that we should divert from our research program and transit immediately towards Point Barrow to discharge the patient ashore to obtain medical attention.  Though not an emergency it was important for the patient to get more advanced medical attention as soon as practicable.  Arriv

RV Mirai Arctic Mission 2014 Post #1 - Departure From Dutch Harbor

Japanese research vessel RV Mirai departed Dutch Harbor northbound for her annual Arctic research mission 31 September.  I am onboard once again as Ice Navigator to provide Captain Kan Matsuura and Chief Scientist Jun Inoue support in operating in and near ice.  We passed through the Bering Strait on the evening of 02 September and began dedicated observations with a CTD rosette cast off Little Diomede Island.

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