IMO and the Polar Code 2014 - SDC 1 Update

It feels a tad ironic that I left London behind this morning clear and crisp and now sit in Vancouver, heavily shrouded in fog.  Sherlock Holmes would love it that irony.  The only fog I saw in London this past week was the fog of fatigue from the delegates in the Polar Code Working group. 

IMO and the Polar Code 2014 - Slow Progress

It is nearing the end of day two at IMO.   As is normal for this organization, sessions are usually marathon runs, as committees, sub-committees and working groups attempt to meet their various goals and remits. 

IMO and the Polar Code 2014 - An Introduction

I am off to London in the next few hours to attend IMO SDC 1 Sub-committee on Ship Design and Construction.   This is the first meeting under the re-engineered sub-committee structure.  There has been somewhat of a streamlining achieved with the previous number of sub-committees reduced to 7 from 9.  

My participation will be within the Working Group on Development of a Mandatory Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code) as a member of the Nautical Institute’s NGO delegation.

During next week’s SDC1 my focus will be on Ice Navigator requirements and standards; however, much more will be discussed. Some of the diverse subjects to be covered include:

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